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Eternal life as well as Education and learning


Having a point of view on art does not need as much intellectual training as valuing music-music needs recognition, whereas artwork just calls for the viewpoint. Artwork does not call for the degree of psychological elegance or dedication that songs needs. Actual ability in art is much extra usual compared to real skill in making up or playing tools.

The believing procedure is a little intricate. However I believe, some researchers declarations regarding songs on the contrary, practically it starts with musicians.

The necessary procedure I have actually observed for the idea is:

Art → Literature → Philosophy → Science

(this likewise might continuously Polymathy → Magic → Immortality).

Having a viewpoint on art does not call for as much intellectual training as valuing music-music calls for admiration, whereas artwork calls merely for perspective. Artwork does not need the degree of psychological class or dedication that songs call for. Recognizing some songs really requires playing a tool, which is not at all as typical as is generally presumed. Actual skill in the art is much more usual compared to real ability in making up or playing tools.

This is quickly revealed from the representation of human growth

as well as elements of modern-day education and learning, where kids do finger-paint prior to they do attract, as well as drawing prior to they do create, as well as creating prior to they do crucial reasoning, and also vital rationale prior to they do maths.

likewise apparent that those that are exceptionally clever will undoubtedly desire to understand of several languages, which is a facet of polymathy, and also those that wish to do exceptionally well with accents will undoubtedly want something like magic, as well as those that entirely is successful with magic will undoubtedly end up being immortals (whether this is feasible is not totally clear to me, yet it is among the utmost objectives I have actually located).

  • Literary work is a crucial action, I believe the following significant activity is the approach, where the importance of art and also literary jobs are created right into understanding.
  • It appears in the thoughtful course art as well as literary works come initially, yet in the mathematical course songs as well as specific mathematical reasonings come.
  • It could be suggested that if we think viewpoint is the resource of all essential reasoning (reasoning being self-control of ideology initially), after that where maths depends on the
  • crucial it additionally depends on perspective, which it has actually been suggested, in turn, depends on literary works, which depends on art
  • As much as the basic, it appears that art instead compared to approach comes initially, and also literary works might additionally come earlier compared to the viewpoint
  • As well as it holds true that for some maths as well as depictions of math (such as music consistencies, gold proportions, Fibonacci series, as well as a classic charm) precede, because for sure individuals the nature of reasoning is math, yet that is not really for everybody.


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